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Proceedings Download and CVPR 2016 app

1. Note that this year, we will no longer distribute USB sticks with the conference proceedings.
Instead, the full proceedings can be downloaded.

To access the IEEE web publications, which allows a bulk download of all papers visit
login: cvpr16
password: conf16

Given the size of the proceedings (2.5G), it should NOT be downloaded at the conference site. Please download your personal copy BEFORE coming to the conference.

2. To download the CVPR 2016 app, search for Conference Publishing Services in iTune or Google Play, or please use the links below: iTunes, Google Play, Web Version.
Once installed click on the CVPR 2016 and use the password: cvpr16

Posters Numbers and Overflow Parallel Poster Session Option

Due to the large amount of attendees, we have secured additional space for the posters. In addition to the regular am/pm sessions as mentioned in the program (held in Octavius), same day pm posters can be presented during the am session and vice versa, in Palace. Poster presenters are strongly encouraged to take this opportunity, which will allow them to reach out to a wider set of attendees. Demos will only be presented during a single session, in Octavius, following the original program.
The poster numbers for the Octavius Ballroom can be found here and corresponding numbers for the Palace Ballrom are here.